LED Rope Light GR-120V-WW-2W Warm White 1/2"In Diameter Clear Rope Light 150'ft

Rope Lighting - GR-120V-WW-2W - Warm White LED's - 1/2 In Diameter - Clear Rope Light - 150ft


Warm White LED Rope Lights can spice up the environment in any space! Set the mood for your party, festival, retail space, or man cave, by having this LED Warm White Rope Light provide a chill ambiance. Our Warm White LED Rope Light comes in a Roll of 150 feet, ½ inch, and 120 volt. The LED Warm White Rope Light is constructed with a clear tubing wrapped around Warm White colored LED’s. Warm White LED Rope Lights are great for Holiday Lighting, Festival Lighting, Wedding Lighting, Patio Lighting and much more. It is recommended that you do not cut this LED Rope Light in less than 36 inch lengths. You can also use the (“scissor cut marks” located directly on the LED Tubing) for a more precise cut. This LED Rope Light is non dimming.



  • Brand Exclusive
  • Case Quantity 1
  • Ordering Part # G03862


 What you get in the box:

  • 2 - Power Cords
  • rectifier included
  • 50 - Mounting Clips with Screws
  • 4 - Shrinkable Connection Covers
  • 6 - 2-Pin Splice Connectors
  • 1 - 150ft Roll LED Rope Light
  • LED's every 1" Inch


    Brand: Exclusive
    Rope Diameter (In): 1/2" Diameter
    Average Life Hours: 25,000
    LED Color: Warm White
    Tubing Color: Clear
    LED Spacing (In): 1" Apart
    Volts: 110V-130V
    Splice Connectors: Included
    Rope Light Length (ft): 150'
    Mouning Clips: Included
    Bulb Category: Warm White LED Rope Lighting
    UL Certified: Yes - (If Not Field Cut)