VEOLIA-043 4ft Recycling Box

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VEOLIA-041 4ft Recycling Box

VEOLIA-041 4ft Recycling Box Holds 30 T12, or 60 T8 4ft straight fluorescents

- Brand: Veolia

- Ordering Part#: VEOLIA-043


  • Includes: UN rated and DOT approved recycling container with locking lid, 6 mil poly liner, liner tie, instructions, terms and conditions, prepaid return shipping label, proof of purchase with serial number, online certificates of recycling.
  • FILL: When you receive your RecyclePakr container(s), simply follow the step-by-step illustrated instructions to properly assemble your container(s). Each container is preprinted. If you are missing instruction sheets, please visit Veolia's Support page for additional guidance. Carefully, fill your container(s) with the appropriate waste items to be recycled in accordance with the instructions. Keep the container(s) closed in between fillings.
  • SEAL: With RecyclePak container(s) full and waste materials packed following the instructions, seal the provided liner in accordance with the instructions. Make sure liner is sealed and completely within container prior to sealing. Follow the instructions to properly seal the container. Pail lids should be screwed and locked on and boxes should be taped to secure all edges and corners. All RecyclePakr containers
  • SHIP: Call to schedule your prepaid pick-up and you're done! Upon receipt of your container at Veolia, it is scanned and recorded. A certificate of acceptance for recycling is generated and available online. Certificates can be requested online by using Veolia's convenient Certificates On-Demand feature or a repository of certificates can be accessed though our Customer Information Management System (CIMS). Your recycling certificates document environmentally-compliant recycling and detail specific waste types and quantities received inside containers.
  • Supply-041 - Holds 30 T12 / 60 T8 4ft straight fluorescent lamps & u-tube lamps ONLY.