How to test your outdoor lights for spring

With the holidays over and the New Year well underway, many homeowners are looking to prepare the home for the spring and summer months. Once the temperatures begin to be warmer, homeowners like to spend time outdoors. To enjoy the yard, you will need outdoor lighting. Most homes already have outdoor lighting and it is during this time that you can test the lighting to see if it is ready for the spring months. By testing your lighting mechanisms now, you will be prepared for when you will be spending more time outdoors in the spring.

Make a List

To begin, make a list of all outdoor lighting that is located on your property. This should include porch lighting, motion sensor lights, solar lighting, etc. With the list, you will be able to check each item, make notes and then make any changes needed due to battery needs, bulb needs, etc. Think about all areas of your property to be able to make a quality list that you can follow.

Check Items on the List

Now that you have a master list, begin your check of the outdoor lighting. Let’s say you are starting with the porch areas or decks of your home. Light bulbs should be checked to ensure all are working and not in need of replacement. If you do need new bulbs, make a note of what kind and where the bulb will be installed. You can then purchase the bulbs when you go to the store for supplies and make the new installation.

Solar lights that run on batteries will need to be checked after dark. You will need to go outside to the areas of your home once the sun goes down to see if the fixtures or accents of your garden are lighting up. If not, you will need to make note of the battery type and then purchase replacement batteries. Be sure to note the type of battery plus the amount you need for each fixture.

Motion sensor lights will need to be tested after dark as well and with movement. Note the location of the motion sensor lights and move to these areas to see if the lighting turns on. If not, you may need new bulbs or batteries, if the units are battery operated. Electric motion sensor lights will need only new bulbs to be in proper working order.

Purchase and Install

Once you have your list ready, you can visit the local department store or retailer to get what you need. If you have the ability, purchase additional bulbs and batteries to have what you need on hand when issues arise such as a blown-out bulb or dead batteries. This way, you can enjoy the outdoor lighting of your home anytime you like.

Checking your exterior lighting on the weekend will allow you plenty of time to check each light and then purchase the items you need before spring arrives. Take time in the coming months to do so, so that when the temperatures begin to rise, you are ready for outdoor fun! If you find that after replacing batteries and/or light bulbs and your fixtures are still not working, you may have a bigger issue. A full replacement of the light fixture may be needed due to wiring or internal issues.